Custom Planter Liners and Drip Trays

DeepStream is the landscape industries source for custom planter liners and drip trays of any size.

Do you need extra large or custom planter liners and drip trays for your simple to extremely complex designs? 1 or 100, we are the national sources relied on by landscape architects, landscape contractors, and homeowners for over 15 years.

DeepStream doesn’t use distributors so it is easy to turn your installation challenges into solutions quickly with one phone call at factory-direct prices. Stronger and more waterproof than fiberglass planter liners our custom planter liners and drip trays are constructed of food grade polypropylene, LLDPE or HDPE plastic.

A Custom Welded Rectangular Waterproof Food Safe Plastic Planter Liner shown on a table in front of bamboo in a tropical roof deck garden.
DeepStream welds Waterproof Food Safe Plastic Planter Liners to fit any size planter.
Custom Welded Planter Liner
Custom Welded Planter Planer created with a nickel colored HDPE food safe plastic

Tips for designing Custom Planter Liners

From simple to complex installations, it’s best to compartmentalize your planting with modular liners to speed installation, limit potential drainage problems, minimize labor to rectify issues that may arise in the future.

Depending on size, DeepStream welds Plastic Planter Liners for your projects using 1/4″ to 1/2″ polypropylene, LLDPE, or HDPE plastic, as used in construction of both food equipment and large chemical tanks. Holes for side wall drainage and hidden irrigation lines can be added on site with a simple hole saw. 

Construction techniques may include double-welded gussets for optimum wall support.  Even with internal gusset to support liner walls, liners should be supported from the outside by a planter box or inserted into the ground for root control.

A Custom Welded Modular Planter Liner with hidden drainage and drip irrigation for a large commercial roof deck landscaping installation holding partially planted trees and bushes.
This Custom Welded Modular Planter Liner, for a large commercial roof deck landscaping project, is equipped with hidden drainage and drip irrigation and isolates any potential problems to individual cells.

Polypropylene is extremely durable, however it is not impervious to the sun’s UV rays and should be completely buried or painted.  Although a little more costly Liners can also be made from Marine-Grade HDPE (high-density polyethylene) which is highly UV-resistant. Both plastic are food safe and used in kitchen equipment and food processing applications.

When a customer need a large volume of a certain size planter liner we custom form rotomolded planter liners our or recycled LLDPE plastic to reduce costs to a bare minimum.

Large custom-welded liner filled with water to show wall strength and test for leaks.
As with every Custom-Welded Planter Liner, this complex design with double-welded gussets and steps is being tested for waterproof strength. Black is more UV resistant than black.
A studio photo showing the construction of a tall rectangular custom Waterproof Planter Liner with internal supports.
A tall rectangular Custom Waterproof Planter Liner with internal supports. While stock liners are less expensive tall, short, long, even many odd shapes can be accommodated via our custom manufacturing process.

Buy factory direct. For further assistance, a quick quote, and volume pricing call Sheila at  (305) 857-0466.

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Planter Drip Trays

Planter Drip Trays catch overflow and allow it to evaporate without staining your deck or interior floors.

The drip tray is sized so that the tapered base of the rotomolded Waterproof Plastic Planter sits inside it without taking up extra space.  Perfect for indoor and balconies.
A rotomolded Waterproof Plastic Planter Liner with threaded advanced drainage port sitting in a custom sized drip tray for indoor and outdoor use.

Stock drip trays are approximately the same size as the lower step beneath the rim of DeepStream’s rotomolded liners and are sized to fit on Mariner planter aluminum liner support frames. Drip trays won’t be visible when used with DeepStream planters and they can be custom-welded to any size you need if you didn’t order a DeepStream Planter or rotomolded Waterproof Liner.

A black square Custom Welded Plastic Drip Tray shown on a table set in front of bamboo on a tropical roof deck.
Custom Welded Drip Trays for indoor planters are also used on covered balconies to catch drainage, preventing stains on the floor or deck. The drip tray depth allows for evaporation of excess water.

As with all custom and semi-custom garden products produced by the hands of craftsmen, delivery times will grow longer as Spring progresses into Summer, even with “quick ship” programs, so plan ahead and order early.

If you have questions, need more information, or would like to discuss your project, please call Sheila at (305) 857-0466 or email her at  Sheila has decades of experience to call on as a developer, general contractor, and property manager, with thousands of planter installations and remediation project experiences to help you with budget-saving ideas.  

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Planter drainage is critical to plant health.

DeepStream’s advanced 3-Layer Drain Pack

3-layer Drain Packs with TREMdrain and Biobarrier complete your advanced planter drainage solution.

Studio photo showing the detail of DeepStream's advanced 3-Part Planter Liner Drain Pack shown both as components and as a finished pad.
DeepStream’s convenient Drain Pack Components: TremDrain Board increases the drainage area and provides channels for drainage efficiency , filter fabric reduces drain blockage by silt and organic material, BioBarrier helps prevent root blockage for up to 15-years.
A studio photo showing a grouping of planter liner drain accessories including a threaded drain hose, a 90-degree threaded bulkhead drain, a valve, and a brass garden hose to NPT threaded adapter.
Optional garden planter drain accessories for directing water flow attach to the threaded port in DeepStream’s waterproof liners

Depending on your plants, planting mixture, and local weather, you may need to add more drains.  Additional drain holes can be added as required by drilling additional holes in the side walls.

Direct link to: DeepStream Stock Planter Liners and Prices

Tips for improving Planter Drainage

Drain packs must be used in conjunction with a proper planting medium for container gardening, and inorganic filtering material to slow the drainage water so that any clay “fines” that could coat the geotextile will instead settle to the bottom of the liner below the side-wall drain.

  • When selecting your outdoor planters, keep in mind that drainage is critical to the health of your plants grown in containers, and it is very difficult to remedy after the fact. The design of the planter liner is one of the important components.
  • Generally, more tended plants die from drowning than from lack of water. “Old school” drain holes on the bottom and gravel drainage medium simply do not work and will quickly clog.  DeepStream elevates the drainage hole center approximately 2″ up the sides of your liners to provide a “reservoir” for the tap roots, but more importantly, that space allows clay “fines” present in all most all planting mediums to settle instead of clogging drain packs.
  • DeepStream pioneered modern drainage practices with side-wall drains and 3-layer drain filter packs. DeepStream places from one to three 3/4″ threaded drainage ports on its 16 stock proprietary plastic planter liners, to which various plugs, hose barbs and valves may be attached.  Liners are non-structural and are meant to be placed inside planter boxes.
  • Depending on your plants, planting mixture, and local climate, you may need to add more drains.  Additional drain holes can be added as required by drilling additional holes in the side walls with a hole saw bit. If additional threaded ports are needed we stock two-part watertight bulkhead fittings.
  • Planting mediums for container gardening are as varied as local climates and plant species.  Here in Florida, we can get 6” of rain in a day in the rainy season, so we need a quick draining material and we often add perlite. If you have a dry climate, you may need to add more vermiculite to retain water.  Since Florida also has a dry season where it my not rain for a month or more at a time, we use drip irrigation, as the planting medium we use for the rainy season dries out far too quickly during the dry season.  For more in-depth information on drip irrigation, drainage, and the many aspects of container gardening check the Helpful Resource Links to listed at the bottom of this page.

Need important information on Selecting Planter Liners before you purchase? This blog post will help.

Examples of Installations shown on Archello

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