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Sheila Boyce – President

Office: 2699 Tigertail Avenue, #54, Miami, FL 33133

(305) 857-0466      DSDmiami@gmail.com

About Us:

In 2006, Sheila and Tom Boyce created stand-alone planters that would not penetrate the roof membrane under the roof deck of the penthouse units of the Grove Club Condos they built in Coconut Grove, Florida.

As the Developer and General Contractor of the project, and planning to retain one of the units to live in long-term, the planters were created to replace built-in concrete planters specified by the architect with a design that would provide the lowest overall cost of ownership to the condo board and the environment over time. All built-in concrete planters eventually leak, creating costly structural issues over time. Now, after almost two decades of rain, sun, and numerous hurricanes, we are pleased to report that the original planters will still be in fine condition for at least another 20 years or more.

DeepStream Designs Founders

DeepStream founders Sheila and Tom Boyce

Sheila Boyce, with an MBA from the Rotman School at the University of Toronto, developed the unique flexible infrastructure of our company, focused entirely on working with you as part of your team to overcome your operating challenges. 

The business, costing, and project delivery model she created for DeepStream — selling custom, factory-direct solutions — puts customer satisfaction as our first priority.  Homeowners, Project Managers, CEOs, Owners, Developers, and Operations Managers are all treated professionally with friendly, personal service.

Designer Tom Boyce’s commitment to durable design has been a life-long passion spanning more than 50 years. He founded Marmot Mountain Works, the premier expedition mountaineering equipment company at the time, in 1974, at age 19, and later was the CEO of a 330-store women’s retail chain, with interim breaks rebuilding, maintaining, and sailing yachts. Both on mountains and at sea, lives literally depended on Tom’s solutions being successful every time. 

The aluminum extrusions and assembly systems he created deliver solutions to customers’ challenges that are reduced to their simplest robust form to deliver the lowest cost of ownership to the purchaser and the environment over time.

As professional yacht captains, Tom and Sheila have been inspired by great design in locales visited during their travels.  Now, with the years of experience gained with materials that endure the tough ocean-going marine environment, Tom creates products that use the principles of Sustainable Design and marine-grade materials to build on classic concepts with a contemporary edge, enviable durability, and deceptively simple design.

Tom and Sheila’s first project after yachting — designing and building a European-courtyard-style condominium and furnishings for a condo hotel in Coconut Grove, Florida — led to the creation of DeepStream Designs, which offers to the public Tom’s trademark marine-anodized aluminum structural extrusions designed with the flexibility to craft garden planters, recycling bins, screen wall, enclosures, and custom fixtures that have a Lifetime Structural Warranty.  Since we do not use welds that can break, all parts are replaceable. We partner with our customers through our Core Replacement Program so that damaged parts can be replaced at our direct manufacturer’s cost with no markup.

DeepStream’s Business Model

We realize that you’re calling DeepStream for solutions, not products, so don’t be surprised when the founders, our President Sheila, our Designer Tom, or one of our dedicated product engineers answer your phone call, as we don’t have sales people.  Having been in your shoes as developers, general contractors, and building managers ourselves, we realized that a distributor network and salespeople add a layer of cost that does not add value for our customers, so we have fostered a corporate culture of accountability to our clients. You don’t need to speak to salespeople, you need operational solutions directly from your single point-of-contact who will see your solution through to successful implementation.

Today, just as when Sheila and Tom started DeepStream 18 years ago, we work hands-on with you, “manufacturer direct,” eliminating bottlenecks and the frustration and miscommunication of working through a distributor network or sales people.  We ensure that all your questions are answered and that your project is given the utmost care and attention, starting with free, fast, no-obligation quotes for one solution or a hundred.  By design and execution, we ensure that your solution delivers the lowest cost of ownership to you and the environment over time.

Solutions to your operational challenges

Customized to solve your operational challenges, our products are made to our customers’ specifications by American craftsmen. We incorporate deceptively simple, aesthetically pleasing designs which minimize environmental impact through timeless design, material selection, and rugged construction using sustainable principles.

Our designs are solutions that last for many generations, providing the lowest cost of ownership over time and reducing the impact on our environment. DeepStream’s solutions handcrafted using our proprietary aluminum frame system and recycled plastic lumber have been outselling tropical hardwood since 2016.

If you’re looking for temporary or “cheap” throw-away products that trash the environment, wasting materials, time, labor, and money, don’t bother with our site.  We only make products that last for decades, withstanding the test of time in tough marine environments.


Design is a key aspect of Sustainable Design. We believe that less is more, and work very hard to reduce each design to its simplest form.

Designed for simple assembly and replacement of all components, backed by our Lifetime Structural Warranty and unique “Core Replacement Program,” our modular products can be easily repaired and refinished, instead of being tossed away as just more rubbish after wasting your precious time, energy, and money on inferior products.

With design input and feedback from thousands of customers, including  Architects, Project Managers, Operations Managers, Property Managers, General Managers, Owners, General Contractors, Executive Chefs, Interior Designers, Landscape Architects, and Homeowners, you will find solutions custom-tailored to meet your needs, having been continuously tested and refined by leaders in your industry.


Materials are as important to Sustainable Design as the design component. DeepStream’s products use a wide range of durable materials including: tropical hardwoods, recycled plastic lumber (HDPE), aluminum, 3form Eco-resin, polycarbonate, glass, marble, 316 stainless steel, and many more.

A goal of material selection at DeepStream, along with product longevity, is to reduce or eliminate the needless destruction of the world’s tropical rainforests. Tropical hardwoods, for the most part, take several generations to grow, and carpenter-built wood planters can start falling apart within a few years, while ours will last for decades.  We introduced Recycled Plastic Lumber (RPL) as a viable alternative in 2010, and it has been outselling natural wood since 2016. RPL is an excellent material for creating product solutions for the food service industry and exposed locations, like parking lots and shopping centers, as it doesn’t absorb stains and will look like new for decades without the labor-intensive maintenance required by real wood. RPL can be pressure cleaned for sanitation, as DeepStream’s proprietary aluminum extrusions are anodized, so there is no paint or powder coating to fail.

Longevity is achieved by using the most durable materials and finishes available to ensure that our products last as long as possible. Material must also ultimately be easily recyclable at the end of its long life. The marine anodizing on DeepStream’s proprietary structural aluminum extrusions will never fail like paint or powder coating. Fasteners are 18-8 stainless steel coated with proprietary dielectric paste to prevent corrosion, while other components like hinges and lids are 316 stainless steel.


Our craftsmen are the third, and equally important, link in delivering quality solutions that will stand the test of time. It is critical to us that each team member has pride of ownership, so there is no “assembly line” production.

Each solution is crafted by one person from the raw components until it has its final inspection by another member of the team. Orders are packaged with recycled cardboard on custom reusable / recyclable North American softwood FSC timber pallets that we build in-house to our exacting specifications to ensure safe delivery to you.

In addition to the motivation provided by pride of craftsmanship and creating meaningful products, our American craftsmen are sharing in the financial benefits of a creating a successful customer focused company. We can pay more than a living wage to our team, as well as innovation and profit-sharing bonuses, in part, because our business model cuts out the distribution / sales cost layer that doesn’t add value to our customers’ product solutions engineered to provide the lowest cost of ownership over time.  Our 16,000+ sq. ft. workshop is clean, well lit, and air-conditioned.

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