Environmental Considerations

DeepStream's modern Audubon combination recycling and trash bin constructed with Cement Gray recycled plastic lumber instead of tropical hardwood helps prevent destruction of the worlds rainforests.
DeepStream's modern Audubon combination recycling and trash bin constructed with Cement Gray recycled plastic lumber, instead of tropical hardwood, helps prevent more destruction of the World's rainforests.

The Problem: Destruction of Tropical Rainforests for hardwood

A key criteria for all of DeepStream’s products is the environmental considerations behind our Sustainable Designs — ensuring that our products made with these valuable resources last as long as possible while providing our customers with environmentally responsible recycled alternatives. At the end of their long and useful life all of the components of our custom solutions are recyclable.

According to the Yale School of Forestry, while estimates vary, it is thought that between 30 and 50% of all certified Tropical Hardwood shipped into the United states has been “Greenwashed,” meaning that shipments have been provided with falsified and counterfeit documentation.

In some countries like Peru, it’s estimated that 90% are illegally logged, devastating their Amazon watershed. For more information click here: “Greenwashed” Timber and FSC certification

The Solution

DeepStream makes it easy and cost-effective to go Green and stop contributing to climate change. By selecting recycled plastic lumber for your order, you will be preserving the world’s rainforests, the cooling lungs of the earth, while creating a sustainable market for post-consumer and post-industrial plastic waste.

Products made with non-structural Recycled Plastic Lumber planks (RPL) inside DeepStream’s unique structural aluminum frame are a perfect choice for outdoor placement, while making a strong environmental statement.

Your Choice is Key

Please discuss the environmental considerations behind this diminishing resource for future generations with clients that specify tropical hardwoods.

Recycled plastic lumber requires no maintenance and lasts for decades without fading, saving your clients money while looking better over time than wood ever will.  DeepStream’s products in recycled plastic lumber have been outselling tropical hardwood since 2016.

If you do order natural hardwood, with DeepStream’s trademark anodized aluminum extrusions, unlike carpenter-built planters, you know that your purchase will last for decades and not waste this precious resource by tearing itself apart in 3-5 years.

For every product DeepStream’s American craftsmen create for our clients using wood or recycled plastic lumber, we plant between 50 and 100 trees in your honor and name through Trees For The Future. Their Forest Garden program has many positive benefits for the earth and its people, in addition to planting trees.  For more information use this link: Trees.org

600,000+ Trees Planted

Separate from the environmental concerns about using real tropical hardwoods, we highly recommend RPL Planters, especially in locations such as shopping centers and parking lots, locations serving food and drinks which stain natural wood and make a mess, or anywhere sanitation and easy maintenance are a concern. Because DeepStream’s trademark planter legs are anodized, not painted or powder coated, RPL planters can be pressure cleaned for sanitation.

Still not convinced?

Given the time and expense necessary to keep natural hardwood looking good, see the link below, and the damage done to the rainforests to harvest it, versus the “set and forget” ease of using recycled plastic lumber, you should give serious thought to which you will select for your project.

More Information Resources about the environmental considerations behind selecting tropical hardwood.

Click here to view “About Wood” to understand more about the maintenance and upkeep of natural wood.
Click here for a pdf of the limited 50-year warranty provided by the manufacturer.

Anodized aluminum Vs powder coated and cast aluminum and steel.

The choice is readily apparent. As DeepStream bins are acid etched anodized aluminum and 316-stainless steel, products crafted with RPL may be pressure cleaned for maintenance and sanitation as there is no paint or powder coating to fail or steel to rust as you see on the bins below.

Rusting steel trash bin
Rusting steel trash bin by “others”.
Powder coated aluminum trash bin deteriorating.
Deteriorating. powder coated aluminum trash bin by others.

A key criteria for all of DeepStream’s products is the environmental considerations behind our Sustainable Designs. DeepStream’s engineered marine anodized aluminum frame compensates for the fact that RPL is non-structural and expands and contracts with changes in temperature just as it compensates for the expansion and contraction of valuable hardwoods through wet and dry cycles unlike carpenter built wood planters.

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