Fiberglass Planters

Fiberglass Planters and Pots by Tournesol Siteworks are the high-quality outdoor commercial fiberglass planters your looking for. Large or small they are available in 13 distinctive styles and many sizes, forms, and colors. 

A single large beautifully landscaped saucer shaped commercial Arcade Fiberglass Garden Planter creates a dramatic entrance on a granite pedestal centered in front of the double wood and glass paned entrance doors to a classic stone building.
The timeless classic form of this Arcade Fiberglass Garden Planter creates a dramatic entrance.

As a developer, general contractor, and planter manufacturers with thousands of installations spanning almost two decades, DeepStream understands commercial and homeowner needs and high quality fiberglass planters.

DeepStream started as a customer of Tournesol while building one of our own residential projects. Now, almost 2 decades later, we have been a knowledgeable, authorized high-volume nationwide distributor of their fiberglass planters for more than 15 years. 

Six tall tapered modern commercial Urban Fiberglass Garden Planters flank the pergola over the entrance walkway to an elevator, making for a dramatic entrance.
Fiberglass is a relatively inexpensive way to create complex shapes that can add a dramatic, modern look to your residential or commercial Landscaping projects, as shown by these tall, tapered copper fiberglass garden planters.
Two tall angular modern commercial Harlie Fiberglass Garden Planters add visual interest on the patio of a professionally landscaped town house patio.
Fiberglass makes it easy to create complex angular shapes that add a dramatic modern look to your residential and commercial landscaping projects, as shown by these tall, copper fiberglass garden planters designed by Luxxbox.

Tournesol Siteworks Fiberglass Garden Planters have been specified by Landscape Architects, Contractors, and Builders for 36+ years. Their fiberglass garden planters have an industry leading 3-year warranty.

Many long rectangular bronze colored Wilshire Fiberglass Garden Planters landscaped with dark green tall grass line the walkway between commercial buildings.
The long rectangular shape of the Wilshire Fiberglass Garden Planters is a universal form used by both aluminum and fiberglass planters, as it looks great in almost every location. Simple clean, modern lines are equally at home on a sidewalk, hanging from the side of a building or parking garage.
Many long rounded rectangular and cube shaped bronze colored Metro Fiberglass Garden Planters landscaped with dark green grass and leafy plants line the line the front of a commercial building terrace patio, just outside the windows.
The long bronze-colored rounded rectangular and cube-shaped Metro Fiberglass Garden Planters are a creative take on a classic form with just the right proportions and modern lines that versatile fiberglass reproduces perfectly.

DeepStream can supply your Fiberglass Planters cost-effectively, offering 13 distinct Fiberglass-Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Planter design collections.

Contact Sheila at (305) 857-0466 or for detailed on-line catalog information, wholesale pricing, and delivery times. Spring and summer are the busiest time for installation of fiberglass garden planters and lead times can stretch into months, so order early.

A series of round and square arts and crafts inspired "hammered" copper texture Fiberglass Garden Planters with a metal-infused finish line a steep village path providing old world charm.
The Craftsman collection was inspired by a vase made by Oakland arts-and-crafts master Dirk van Erp. The “hammered” texture integral to these Fiberglass Garden Planters replicates the hand-hammered copper created in his workshop. The metal-infused finishes allow the original intent he had to come to life, albeit on a far larger scale than would have been possible then.
Extra-large, rounded rectangular, round and cube shaped earthen colored Metro Fiberglass Garden Planters landscaped with trees and flowering trellises fill a cobbled street courtyard.
Extra-large, rounded rectangular, round and cube-shaped earthen colored Metro Fiberglass Garden Planters landscaped with trees and flowering trellises impart a village vibe to the modern cobbled street courtyard of a shopping and dining district.

Commercial Fiberglass Garden Planters are created with a polyester-based fiberglass (also known as Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic, or FRP), hand-laid in open molds or sprayed from a gun as chopped glass of varying thicknesses. Fiberglass is a lightweight, strong material made up of layers of polyester resin-infused fiberglass strands.  Thin inexpensive fiberglass planters are easily cracked and broken so, as always, quality is more expensive up front, but much less expensive in the long run.

Click this link for an in depth review of Fiberglass Garden Planters at

The strength and durability of fiberglass depend upon the number of layers of strands and the type of resin used. The color is only in the outer layer, so chips can occur. Fiberglass itself is not waterproof, so the outer colored layer is a waterproof gelcoat and the inside of the planters are painted with a waterproofing material.

Sleek, simple, and elegantly proportioned, the collection of Urban round Fiberglass Garden Planters enhance modern landscape and architectural design. These bright lime green extra-large Urban garden planters are designed to be durable even when used to block off traffic locations like this passenger drop off area.
Sleek, simple, and elegantly proportioned, the collection of Urban round Fiberglass Garden Planters enhance modern landscape and architectural design. These extra-large Urban garden planters are designed to be durable even when used to block off traffic locations like this passenger drop- off area.
The ubiquitous light gray colored, long, low, rectangular Wilshire Fiberglass Garden Planters planted with tall bamboo line the wall of a Starbucks sidewalk café seating area.
The ubiquitous light gray colored Wilshire Fiberglass Garden Planters are a perfect low-cost way to add visual interest to a sidewalk café seating area.

Click this Link for the Tournesol Siteworks PDF Catalog showing all collections.

Tournesol Fiberglass Planters have a 3-year limited warranty and are not covered by DeepStream’s Lifetime Structural Warranty or Core Replacement Program.

HDPE Food Safe Plastic Planters are an alternative with several advantages over fiberglass planters:

  • They won’t crack.
  • They are less expensive.
  • Have a faster delivery time.
  • They are built to custom sizes for no extra cost.
  • HDPE is a solid color throughout and will never absorb water.
  • Graffiti is easily removed and they are easily refinished.
Modern tall and short, square and rectangular Food Safe Plastic Planters are shown in Shale Grey and Hammered Nickel colors with and without optional food safe plastic planter liners in a tropical Miami roof deck setting.
DeepStream’s modern Food Safe Plastic Planters, shown in Shale Grey and Hammered Nickel quick-ship colors, are a study in rugged architectural minimalism that transcends time and fads, while standing up to urban environments indoors or outside. They are also available as practical planters with wheels.

These high quality commercial planters will change your perception of “plastic planters”. Unlike fiberglass planters, HDPE Planters have a solid color throughout, so they don’t show scratches like fiberglass or painted aluminum and can never absorb water. HDPE is more flexible so it does not crack like fiberglass under stress.

Like fiberglass, it is not the best material for plants with aggressive root systems. Although it won’t crack like fiberglass, it can bulge if not braced in the appropriate spots.  Experienced craftsmanship and design can make all the difference. They have a 3-year warranty like fiberglass, which is extended to 5 years if used with DeepStream’s stock planter liner.

HDPE can be pressure cleaned, will not stain or hold paint, so it’s good in urban locations where it might be subject to graffiti. They can easily be refinished in place with a sanding block or random orbital sander like natural aluminum.

Choose marine alloy aluminum planters made from thick, rigid 5086 aluminum plate if you’re going to plant Clusia or other plants with aggressive root systems. 

Commercial Aluminum Planters made with 5086 marine-grade aluminum are more expensive than fiberglass planters but, as they are the strongest and most rigid of the lightweight materials available, they are an excellent choice for landscaping with trees and aggressive root systems like Clusia and species of runner bamboo.

Custom modern large, 24" long X 24" wide X 24" high, cube aluminum planters crafted from 5086 marine alloy with a flawless natural finish shown on a tropical roof terrace.
Do the job right and you do it once! These cube aluminum planters, 24″ long X 24″ wide X 24″ high, crafted from commercial grade 3/16″ thick 5086 marine alloy will withstand the aggressive root system of this Clusia, while its natural finish will withstand the salty coastal environment for decades to come. DeepStream’s recycled plastic lumber Mariner planter shown to the left of the cube is a perfect companion planter.
Rectangular dark bronze painted aluminum planters landscaped with bushes are arranged to create a sidewalk cafe under large umbrellas on a city plaza next to a historic building made with massive blocks of granite.
Painted or powder coated aluminum planters made with thinner aluminum formed for strength, landscaped with bushes or flowers, are a popular cost-effective way to control access and create a sidewalk or plaza cafe. While Aluminum can be powder coated or painted any color, the warranty on the finish is limited to one or two years at best. They may be sanded and spot-painted in place, or removed and stripped by a variety of methods and refinished.

Pressure washable, unfinished marine alloy aluminum planters have a clean timeless contemporary look that will last for decades. No need for expensive stripping and refinishing ever. Like HDPE Food Safe Plastic Planters, Aluminum Planters are great to use where it might be subject to graffiti, as you can use chemical paint strippers and a random orbital sander to quickly and easily refinish them in place if a pressure washer doesn’t quite do the job.

If you have questions, need more information, or would like to discuss your project, please call Sheila at (305) 857-0466 or email her at  Sheila has decades of experience to call on as a developer, general contractor, and property manager, with thousands of planter installations and remediation project experiences to help you with budget-saving ideas.  

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Tips for improving Planter Drainage

Drain packs must be used in conjunction with a proper planting medium for container gardening, and inorganic filtering material to slow the drainage water so that any clay “fines” that could coat the geotextile will instead settle to the bottom of the liner below the side-wall drain.

  • When selecting your outdoor planters, keep in mind that drainage is critical to the health of your plants grown in containers, and it is very difficult to remedy after the fact. The design of the planter liner is one of the important components.
  • Generally, more tended plants die from drowning than from lack of water. “Old school” drain holes on the bottom and gravel drainage medium simply do not work and will quickly clog.  DeepStream elevates the drainage hole center approximately 2″ up the sides of your liners to provide a “reservoir” for the tap roots, but more importantly, that space allows clay “fines” present in all most all planting mediums to settle instead of clogging drain packs.
  • DeepStream pioneered modern drainage practices with side-wall drains and 3-layer drain filter packs. DeepStream places from one to three 3/4″ threaded drainage ports on its 16 stock proprietary plastic planter liners, to which various plugs, hose barbs and valves may be attached.  Liners are non-structural and are meant to be placed inside planter boxes.
  • Depending on your plants, planting mixture, and local climate, you may need to add more drains.  Additional drain holes can be added as required by drilling additional holes in the side walls with a hole saw bit. If additional threaded ports are needed we stock two-part watertight bulkhead fittings.
  • Planting mediums for container gardening are as varied as local climates and plant species.  Here in Florida, we can get 6” of rain in a day in the rainy season, so we need a quick draining material and we often add perlite. If you have a dry climate, you may need to add more vermiculite to retain water.  Since Florida also has a dry season where it my not rain for a month or more at a time, we use drip irrigation, as the planting medium we use for the rainy season dries out far too quickly during the dry season.  For more in-depth information on drip irrigation, drainage, and the many aspects of container gardening check the Helpful Resource Links to listed at the bottom of this page.

Need important information on Selecting Planter Liners before you purchase? This blog post will help.

Examples of Installations shown on Archello

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