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Category: Commercial Garden Planters

Rectangular Large Wood Garden Planters create a sidewalk cafe with bright chairs and umbrellas in downtown Miami.
Lushly landscaped extra Large Wood Planters on Boston's Historic Exchange Place 14th floor roof deck looking towards the bay.
Modern Planters in slate grey no-maintenance recycled plastic lumber and anodized aluminum control access to a modern clubhouse outdoor lounge with long white curtains pulled back around a ceiling shade grid open to the bright blue sky.

Category: Planter Liners

16 sizes of DeepStream's waterproof planter liners on a tropical penthouse roof deck with a man standing on top of one to show their strength.
Waterproof liner and the components of DeepStream's 3-part advanced drainage filter pad

Category: Modern Commercial Recycling and Trash Bins

Audubon Modern Commercial Combined Recycling and Trash Receptacle with 3form Bear Grass Eco-Resin panels and a stainless-steel lid with one receiving hole for trash and one for combined recycling in a modern marble hotel lobby.
An Oahu Modern Commercial Recycling and Trash Bin is pictured at a tropical island’s verdant garden restaurant on a beach. Hand crafted in America using Cumaru tropical hardwood, hinged 316-stainless steel lid and hinges for the ergonomic side door used for bag changes, an aluminum push flap to match the silver anodized aluminum legs keep out the rain and birds.

Category: A Modern Bench

The Perfect Outdoor Bench crafted of dark brown Ipe tropical hardwood and silver anodized aluminum photographed in front of a turquoise blue pool surrounded by lush dark green tropical plants in the central courtyard of a Miami boutique condominium with blue walls and golden tone natural stone tile.
A picture of The Perfect Modern Bench with Back and Armrests crafted from Dark Gray recycled plastic lumber with 2 more benches inside a gym in front of a line of exercise machines.

Category: Outdoor Cabinetry and Fixtures for Resorts, Restaurants, Pools

Sunbathers and swimmers in this azure costal Hawaiian resort pool are surrounded by dense flowering tropical jungle. They return their pool towels to a large Ipe wood Weatherproof Pool Towel Return Cart Enclosure that saves the resort labor and adds to the well-kept atmosphere of this 5-star military resort. DeepStream custom crafts Weatherproof Pool Towel Cabinets and Return Cart Enclosure to fit your equipment needs so you choose the best carts for your resort’s needs.
A Weatherproof Enclosure for a Point-of-Sale Systems at a 5-Star hotels award-winning tropical water park stands ready to speed orders to the kitchen and bar to improve the guest experience. The waterproof cabinet with aluminum tambor door and 316-stainlless steel lid is located next to a combined commercial recycling and trash receptacle that also has a stainless-steel lid and is crafted from aged hardwood colored recycled plastic lumber.
A casual tropical island outdoor restaurant uses Coordinating Outdoor Restaurant Fixtures and verdant landscaping to reclaim a corner of a parking lot turning it into an island favorite. To set the tone the restaurant designer chose DeepStream’s beautiful Ipe wood, anodized aluminum, and stainless-steel triple bin Commercial Combined Recycling and Trash Receptacle to serve alongside a matching Ipe wood Outdoor Restaurant Food Service Cart with two drawers and a 316-stainless steel countertop that holds condiments, napkins, and silverware.

Category: Commercial Screen Wall and Enclosures

A roof garden privacy screen wall crafted with Cumaru tropical hardwood and anchored by Mariner wood planters create a private roof top sitting area with benches and a modern wood trash receptacle. The wood planters have waterproof liners inside and are filled with bright colorful flowers that are growing up the privacy screen for a trellis effect creating a natural environment in the center of an urban area.
An exterior view of a landscaped upscale brick restaurant with an attached L shaped Ipe Brown long screen wall 6 feet high, with a gate, creating an outdoor restaurant smoking section. The restaurant privacy screen wall is anchored by Mariner commercial wood planters holding the aluminum planks.
An upscale wine bar and restaurant has created a large outdoor seating area on a city Plaza using Glass Screen Wall, anchored by DeepStream's Mariner wood restaurant planters which use differential height Mariner aluminum extrusions, to an attractive, integrated windbreak that invites customers into a cozy urban garden patio, extending the season, reducing noise, and controlling access while drawing positive attention to the passing crowds.

Category: Structural Architectural Aluminum Frame System

A High-Wind Screen Wall at an Alaskan housing project creates a balcony privacy screen that withstands 145 MPH gusts of wind coming off a glacier. This slide-in-easy assembly balcony privacy screen is created using DeepStream’s silver anodized Audubon Structural Architectural Aluminum Frame Systems' L, Terminal, and Intermediate, extrusion as uprights. The Audubon systems, U-Channel, H-Channel hold the polycarbonate panels in the horizontal direction. The screen wall is held in place at each end and fastened to the concrete curb with and bolt down 316-stainless-steel mounts.
A large balcony privacy screen wall created with DeepStreams’ silver anodized Audubon Structural Architectural Aluminum Frame System and slide-in-easy panels of 3from Ecoresin with a Ting-Ting branch pattern on a clear background. The privacy screen is two 3form panels joined using an Audubon Terminal extrusion in the center and anchored at each end with a Audubon Terminal extrusion . One end is anchored using a commercial wood planter with a frame created using Mariner Structural Architectural Aluminum Frame Systems to hold panels crafted with environmentally friendly Ipe Brown colored no-maintenance recycled plastic lumber.

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