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Sustainable Design: Planters

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Deepstream Designs large wooden planters at a sidewalk cafe DeepStream Recycling Bins Large wooden outdoor weatherproof trash bin garden bench


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Our Sustainable Design Philosophy

Our products incorporate deceptively simple, aesthetically-pleasing designs which minimize environmental impact through timeless design, material selection, and rugged construction using principles of Sustainable Design.


Frustrated by today’s throw-away society, where products designed for the lowest possible initial cost barely make it home from the store before breaking?


Our designs allow products to last for many generations, providing the lowest cost of ownership over time and reducing the impact on our environment.


Designed for simple assembly and replacement of all components, and backed by our "Core Replacement Program," our products can be easily repaired and refinished instead of tossed away as just more rubbish after great inconvenience and wasting of precious time, energy, and money.


Materials are a key consideration in design, and one of our goals with DeepStream is to reduce or eliminate the needless destruction of the world's tropical rain forests.  Tropical hardwoods, for the most part, take several generations to grow, and carpenter-built wood planters can start falling apart within a few years. A key criteria of our design is to ensure that our products made with these valuable resources last as long as possible and to provide recycled alternatives to old growth lumber.

Our Audubon and Mariner modular wood planter systems and bin designs can be built with 100% HDPE Recycled Plastic Lumber (RPL), recycled from plastic milk bottles. The RPL we use is backed by a 50-year pass-through manufacturer's warranty against rot, splintering, and decay.  Unlike wood, HDPE is especially resistant to fading.


Our 10-year-old RPL planters look as good as new.  Unlike wood planters and bins used outdoors that take considerable maintenance to maintain a fresh look, RPL looks as good after decades in the weather as it did when it arrived.  RPL, while soft and easily scratched in the wrong application, does not absorb stains, which makes it a great material for trash receptacles and recycling bins, as well as garden planters.


We strongly encourage you to seriously consider the cost benefits and the long term appearance of RPL over tropical hardwood, and the environmental statement you will be making by selecting this material for your project.

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Regardless of your material selection, rest assure that DeepStream will be planting a small forest in your name through the non-profit "Trees for the Future" Program.


  • Audubon, OPUS, or Oahu recycling bin or trash receptacle = 100 trees each
  • Mariner planter = 50 trees each
  • Chameleon or Nautique bin = 20 trees each
  • Planter liner, fiberglass, concrete, or plastic garden planter = 10 trees each
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Our Genesis

Founding the premier expedition mountaineering equipment company, Marmot Mountain Works, at age 19, and later as the CEO of a 330-store women’s retail chain, Tom Boyce’s interest in durable design has been a life-long passion.


As professional yacht captains, Tom and his wife Sheila have been inspired by great design in locales visited during their travels.  Now, with the years of experience gained with materials that endure the tough ocean-going marine environment, Tom creates products that build on classic concepts with a contemporary edge and enviable durability.


Tom and Sheila's first big project after yachting, designing and building a European-courtyard-style condominium and furnishings for a condo hotel in Coconut Grove, Florida, led to the creation of DeepStream Designs, which takes Tom’s trademark aluminum extrusion leg designs for garden planters, recycling bins, and custom fixtures, to the public.


Sheila, with an MBA from the University of Toronto, is the brains of the company.  The business model she created for DeepStream puts customer satisfaction as our first priority.  We realize that you're calling us for solutions, not products, so don't be surprised when Sheila answers your phone call.


To eliminate frustration and miscommunication, we have no distributor network or salespeople - you deal with the principals, and product engineers directly. Sheila will ensure all your questions are answered and that your project is given the utmost care and attention.


From initial project requirements and quotation, to value engineering and delivery, as President of DeepStream Designs, she will ensure that our part of your project will be an unqualified success.  Having worked on hundreds of projects, she is a valuable source of information.

DeepStream Designs modern combination trash receptacle and Recycling bin with 3 Form panels at the Chicago Field Museum "Restoring the Earth" Ipe wood recycling bin

Modern Recycling Bin

Wood Recycling Bin